Prayer Page

Prayer Page

Immanuel Baptist Church Family Prayer Sheet

September 4, 2019

Thursday—September 5

  1. Pat Lyons (Massimilla’s neighbor) 61yrs old paralysis from transverse myelitis
  2. Donna Weidemoyer–lumbar scoliosis—injection treatments working—PTL—3rd epidural on 9/10
  3. Gramma Darlene (Erika Irizary grandmom) heart surgery 7/31—doing well—home now–salvation
  4. Carol (Jo Craytor’s sister-in-law) triple by-passhaving difficulty — in Power Back Rehab
  5. Kaylen (Ann McCormick’s niece) 11 years oldheart surgery 9/10
  6. Laura LaFleur Insular Epilepsy Tests 8/27 @ University of Pennsylvania — having some neurological problems
  7. John Stadvec (friend of Joe Barben) Heart valve surgery 8/15 — Power Back Rehab
  8. Ken Norton—recovering from subdural brain bleed—PowerBack Moorestown
  9. William Mott—genetic disease affecting his ankles/legs—surgery went well—home recovering

Friday—September 6

  1. Virginia “Bunny” Oakford terminal stomach cancer—radiation–Brandywine Rehab
  2. Elva Senderling (Lauren Chambers’ mother) 90 yrs.on oxygen managing in her own home PTL
  3. Audrey Norton nephew BRIAN (37) – tumors removed and tested—cancer—chemo & radiation
  4. Connie (Kathy Sheetz sister) carcenoid cancer—too weak for treatment—strength
  5. Dolores Pancoast—fall-hospital—home at daughter Linda Massimilla’s house—strength & healing
  6. Ray K (Friend of Jeanne Small) esophageal cancer—feeding tube—chemo & radiation—possible surgery
  7. Steve B (friend of Jean Small)—short term memory loss—home—cognitive rehab
  8. Mike (friend of Darlene Cirafesi) state 4 pancreatic cancer — trying to get into U of Penn for treatment — insurance issue
  9. Bob MacQuarrie — pain
  10. Steve Lloyd—ankle replacement 8/8—stitches and staples removed — 2 more weeks with no weight on ankle
  11. Monika Paulraj—moving to CA. to be with her husband

Saturday—September 7

  1. Sandy Milazzo (Joanne Fahbers friend) bone cancer—meds not working—new meds make her sick- salvation
  2. Chuck Pearson (Esther Pearson’s son) cancer, 1 more treatment & scan
  3. Joe Serabo (Dan’s father) back surgery recovering — still some pain losing weight
  4. Mark Pancoast – mole removal surgery – Stage 2 malignant melanoma—cancer in lymph node–immunotherapy
  5. Phil sepsis causing problems & Rich has cancer (friends of Joanne F. & Sharon W) lots of health issues for both
  6. Tom Henry dad—congestive heart failure back in hospital
  7. Jo Craytor—possible cancer in right lung—treatment & tests
  8. Linda Johnson—Mastectomy home w/visiting nurse recovering well final reconstructive surgery in a few months
  9. Jim McDevitt (Kay McDonald’s brother) cardioversion 8/8 but A-fib is back — meds
  10. Steven (Helen P’s nephew) partially collapsed lung removed fluid—respiratory prob—follow up treatment

Monday—September 9

  1. Grace Gonzalez-Pugh (Randy’s granddaughter) 11 yr. old—aplastic anemia—stable
  2. Lily Gravener – 15 yr old  POTS/Dysautonomia—continued improvement in stamina—High School classes & testing this summer
  3. Benjamin (toddler son of coworker of Bill Fahbers) rare genetic disease-causing tumors to grow on nerves
  4. Alan Chambers–A-Fib—defibrillator—weak—rehab—home-possible ablation
  5. Bill Leuters—cancer prostate removal surgery 7/26 healing cancer free — no work for 6 weeks
  6. Carole Fox—scleroderma—EKG, CT scan, lung function at low point decisions pain management new meds
  7. Fred Kimble—no surgery—diagnosed with lung cancer—oncologist appt
  8. Alicia – Rose Young tenant – tumor spreading trying radiation
  9. Rich Wilson (son of Steve Wilson) Leukemia — treatment
  10. Lisa Wadas—pneumonia—enlarged lymph nodes—testing & consultation after infection completely gone

Tuesday—September 10

  1. Christians in Muslim areas & Hindu areas
  2. President Trump—that leaders would seek Gods direction—unity in government & country
  3. Pastor Vince, Pastor Greg, Deacon Board, Building Committee & Building Project—God’s direction
  4. Those serving in the military
  5. Youth ministries—leaders & children—effectiveness of our ministry
  6. Lost & Found—ministry for post high school adults
  7. Zach Chandler—Army Chaplain in Kuwait
  8. Jake Coneby—Air Force School in Georgia

Wednesday—August 28

  1. General Health problems:   GG, Lonnie Clayton, Chris Vargas, Marilyn Gaymon, Frank Caroll (Maria Ginion dad), Diane Coneby, Lee Pinardo, Helen Pfennig, Richard Ungerbueler
  2. Folks suffering with cancer:   Genovere Corbit, Nancy Siegel, Bill Salerno, Bernadette Dunn, Cathy Martino, Ron Entwistle, Deborah (Pat Cooks cousin), Lou Thorpe, Nancy Kocher Jones
  3. Shut-Ins– Peggy Hess, Ella Hankel, Laura Bowman, Richard Hamilton
  4. Sale of home—Matthew Samson
  5. Salvation— Ginny Canary, Steve DeMicco,  Matt Leuters, Sam, Jim Bass, Stacey Raube, Charlene, David & Dina  Simhony,  Shona, Michael (Charlotte’s S. son), Bob Nims, Stephanie Ferraro, Frank Clifford, Dennis (friend of Michael Nims), Ted Poulos

Pray For Our Missionaries

ABBA Pregnancy Crisis Center—Lowell & Dixie Patterson, Directors—Palmyra, NJ
John & Dasia Abramovich—Missionaries to Youth  & Young Adults—BCM Poland
America’s Keswick/Colony of Mercy—Addiction Rehabilitation—Whiting, NJ
Tom & Sandy Brown—Wycliffe Bible Translators—Lancaster PA/Oaxaca, Mexico
Corey & Diana Burba—Romanian Orphan Ministries—Oradea, Romania
Paul & Cindy Butler—Elim Fellowship—Mali, Northwestern Africa—established 1st church in Koyala, Africa
Ron & Charlotte Bystrom—Campus Crusade for Christ—Orlando, Florida
Rev. Gary & Terri Camlin—Biblical Education Training—EFCM Portugal
Camp Haluwasa—Bill Ellwanger, Director—Christian Camp & Outdoor Center—Hammonton, NJ
Craig & Cassandra Fisher—Children: Nate, Tommy, & Seth— church planting & camp ministry—ABWE Nicaragua
Friends of Alcoholics—Rev. Mike & Jane Bonner—Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation—Pocahontas, MS
Scott & Susie Hampton—Children: Kieran, Kyle, Kaedon—now directors at AIM Retired Missionaries Complex in Florida
Joe & Kristy Marlin—Children: Owen, Aiden, Sophia—Epiphany Fellowship of Camden
Rev. Jonathan & Becky Mott—Children: Elizabeth, William—People International—Kazakhstan
Options for Women Pregnancy Crisis Center—1500 Kings Hwy N #110, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
Dr. Gordon (Chip) & Laurie Phillips—Children: Caleb, Reed, Alison, Susanna, Julie—ABWE Brazil
The Saints Prison Ministry—Moorestown, NJ
Keeley Samson—YWAM/Wycliffe—Nepal/Perth learning Uniskript (a revolutionary linguistic/literacy technology based on pictorial alphabet)
Sunday B—Richard MacMillan, Director—Ministering to the homeless, alcoholic, & drug addicted—Philadelphia, PA
Teen Haven—Water Street Ministries—Bible Study & Inner-city Youth programs—Lancaster, PA
Union Mission Ministries—Charleston, West Virginia