Prayer Page

Prayer Page

Immanuel Baptist Church Family Prayer Sheet January 2, 2019

 Thursday—January 3rd

  1. Doris Coleman—infection—home—physical therapy at home—very weak
  2. Cheyenne Yohnnson (Tom & Marlene’s granddaughter) scoliosis—getting PT
  3. Pat Lyons (Massimilla’s neighbor) 61yrs old—paralysis from transverse myelitis
  4. Ron Entwistle—prostate cancer—radiation treatment 5 days a week for 6 weeks
  5. Michael Stolzer (Robin Kline’s bro-in law) bad bacterial infection in site of knee surgery—IV anti-biotics
  6. Janice Hunter (Joyce Baker’s cousin) bone cancer, 2nd opinion—seeking stem cell treatment
  7. Abby Suplee—spinal surgery & inserted metal plate—lots of pain—back in NJ to recoup-no work 6-8 weeks
  8. Dave Knoedler (friend of George Kline) prostate cancer—radiation
  9. George Crane Starn Jr. (friend of Bill Fahber) artificial bladder due to cancer—more surgery needed for complications

 Friday—January 4th

  1. Suzanne Newman—breast cancer surgerylower dose chemo for 12 treatments
  2. Christine Entwistle—constant pain in hands/arms/shoulders
  3. Bill Seniff—diverticulitis surgery on November 16th successful—home—full healing
  4. Laura Bowman—moved to Riverview 10/23 in rehab area until strong enough to go to a regular room
  5. Lee Pinardo–cataract repaired—greatly improved needs additional surgery for reading—brain scan for Parkinson’s
  6. Morgan Strauss (Beth F cousin) 32 yrs old– brain tumor & tumor on jaw removed—cancer found—treatment began
  7. Laura LaFleur—2-4 hr. surgery to replace several discs in neck on 1/7 at Virtua Memorial in Mt. Holly
  8. Lowe & Horton Families on the “home going” of Joyce Lowe—memorial service next week

Saturday—January 5th

  1. Sandy Milazzo (Joanne Fahbers friend) bone cancer, Blood clot in leg & spot on lung—encouragement & salvation
  2. Gale Pinardo—shots for RA to start—chest congestion—nebulizer treatment & steroids—CT scan for potential nodule on lung
  3. Russ Gunning (Marlene Yohnnson’s dad) 92 yrs old—cancer—feeding tube—radiation finished—continue to pray
  4. Deborah (Pat Cooks cousin) breast cancer—2nd treatment
  5. Lillie Ford—blood pressure problems—improving
  6. Helen Pfennig—respiratory infection—severe pain in back & leg
  7. Melissa Johnson (Frank Ferraro dtr.) lung disease of some type-pulmonologist appt.-testing to determine exact disease
  8. Walter Ungerbuehler—on hospice for COPD—not in final days though
  9. Joanne Fahber—tripped on raised sidewalk—bruised & cut on face—quick healing

Monday—January 7th

  1. Grace Gonzalez-Pugh (Randy’s granddaughter) 11 yr. old—aplastic anemia—stable
  2. Lily Gravener – 14 yr old with POTS—Praise for the new CHOP Acquired Autonomic Dysfunction Program! Upcoming gastric study & allergy testing
  3. Diane Coneby – rib & muscle removed—long recovery— PT for 2yr program
  4. John Gabriel (Jack & Merrie’s deaf/autistic son) pain in back/neck/leg—had MRI—waiting to begin rehab
  5. Jim McDevitt (Kay McDonald’s brother) A-Fib—hospital 12/20 for cardio ablation—home—difficult healing—6 weeks
  6. Lauren Sickels (Joanne Fahber’s daughter)—car accident—passenger has brain bleed—peace in the situation
  7. Sandy Root—surgery, cancer in lymph nodes—needs chemo & radiation
  8. Tim Sheetz–Handi-vangelismafter many complications due to heart surgery on 12/21 & NG tube inserted after 3 taxing attempts, his BP, fever, and vitals have just about returned to normal—pray abdomen will heal on its own & heart will heal and begin to work adequately.

 Tuesday—January 8th

  1. Christians in Muslim areas & Hindu areas
  2. President Trump—that leaders would seek Gods direction—unity in government & country
  3. Pastor Vince, Pastor Greg, Deacon Board, Building Committee & Building Project—God’s direction
  4. Those serving in the military
  5. Youth ministries—leaders & children—effectiveness of our ministry
  6. Lost & Found—ministry for post high school adults
  7. Baptist Regional School
  8. Nicole Magura (Pinardo granddaughter)—ecology study to rain forest in Equador to do mapping project—safety
  9. Matthew (Laura LaFleur’s son) deployed on submarine for extended time—wife expecting—safety

Wednesday—January 9th

General Health problems: Genevieve Serra, GG, Lonnie Clayton, Chris Vargas, Marilyn Gaymon, Bob MacQuarrie, Felix Tirado, Terry Darr, Frank Caroll (Maria Ginion dad)

Folks suffering with cancer:  Genovere Corbit, Paul Butler, Nancy Siegel, Bill Salerno, Bernadette Dunn, Nancy Jones,  Jo Craytor, Lou Thorpe, Cathy Martino

Shut-Ins-Peggy Hess, Ann Root (Cinnaminson Manor), Richard Hamilton(salvation), Ella Hankel

Sale of home—Judy Atkinson, Jean & Frannie

Salvation—Ginny Canary, Steve DeMicco, Diane, Aunt Erica, Tom Henry Sr., Matt Leuters, Sam, Jim Bass, Stacey Raube, Charlene, David & Dina Simhony, Shona, Michael (Charlotte’s S. son), Bob Nims, Stephanie Ferraro, Frank Clifford, Dennis (friend of Michael Nims), Marvin

Pray For Our Missionaries

ABBA Pregnancy Crisis Center—Lowell & Dixie Patterson, Directors—Palmyra, NJ
John & Dasia Abramovich—Missionaries to Youth  & Young Adults—BCM Poland
America’s Keswick/Colony of Mercy—Addiction Rehabilitation—Whiting, NJ
Tom & Sandy Brown—Wycliffe Bible Translators—Lancaster PA/Oaxaca, Mexico
Corey & Diana Burba—Romanian Orphan Ministries—Oradea, Romania
Paul & Cindy Butler—Elim Fellowship—Mali, Northwestern Africa—established 1st church in Koyala, Africa
Ron & Charlotte Bystrom—Campus Crusade for Christ—Orlando, Florida
Rev. Gary & Terri Camlin—Biblical Education Training—EFCM Portugal
Camp Haluwasa—Bill Ellwanger, Director—Christian Camp & Outdoor Center—Hammonton, NJ
Craig & Cassandra Fisher—Children: Nate, Tommy, & Seth— church planting & camp ministry—ABWE Nicaragua
Friends of Alcoholics—Rev. Mike & Jane Bonner—Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation—Pocahontas, MS
Scott & Susie Hampton—Children: Kieran, Kyle, Kaedon—now directors at AIM Retired Missionaries Complex in Florida
Joe & Kristy Marlin—Children: Owen, Aiden, Sophia—Epiphany Fellowship of Camden
Rev. Jonathan & Becky Mott—Children: Elizabeth, William—People International—Kazakhstan
Options for Women Pregnancy Crisis Center—1500 Kings Hwy N #110, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
Dr. Gordon (Chip) & Laurie Phillips—Children: Caleb, Reed, Alison, Susanna, Julie—ABWE Brazil
The Saints Prison Ministry—Moorestown, NJ
Keeley Samson—YWAM/Wycliffe—Nepal/Perth learning Uniskript (a revolutionary linguistic/literacy technology based on pictorial alphabet)
Sunday B—Richard MacMillan, Director—Ministering to the homeless, alcoholic, & drug addicted—Philadelphia, PA
Teen Haven—Water Street Ministries—Bible Study & Inner-city Youth programs—Lancaster, PA
Union Mission Ministries—Charleston, West Virginia