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If You See Something, Say Something

When one is suffering from Alzheimers, there is a point when they no longer recognize loved ones. We ask them, “Do you see me? Can you remember who I am?” Yet, they do not. Pastor Vince references this in his message in Matthew 16 when Jesus gets into the faces of His disciples and asks them if they see Him for Who He really is. “Jesus didn’t come to provide a little inspiration or encouragement to us – but He…

Same Supper, New Now

This week’s subject is about a miracle where Jesus miraculously feeds thousands of people. Some may think, “Didn’t Pastor Vince already teach on this miracle? Is he trying to recycle a sermon?” While it does sound very familiar, these are two different miracles with two different messages. Take a little time to listen to this message to learn about the big shift in Jesus’ ministry – the “new now.” Matthew 15:32-39

His Story

The ‘power of the people’ can have an impact on whether something rises or falls. Whether it be the success of a restaurant or Santa’s sleigh in the Elf movie. Yet, the power of the people has no impact on whether the true impact of the Christmas story will rise or fall. It doesn’t matter whether 1 person or 7 billion people believe in the Christmas story – the truth and impact of it remains the same. Your response to…

The Three Amigas

Our life context is different than others around us – yet we can find comfort in the same thing: that the God of all creation is with us. That’s the Christmas story. It comes to our broken lives. Immanuel, God with us. Luke 1:39-45