Women’s Sunday School

Women’s Sunday School

The Church

Responding to today’s culture as believers and answering the questions that we don’t often talk about in church.

All across the world, issues, questions and controversies abound in pews and pulpits, at water coolers and dinner tables.  In our media saturated society, debates rage over who’s right or wrong or if the truth even exists…  Look to the Bible, the Word of God, to speak truth in love and view gray areas in black and white.  The issues, economics, politics, God, gospel, and government, disasters, evangelicals and environmentalism.  Is God green?  The cult of celebrity and pop idols, marriage, divorce, abortion, homosexuality, suicide, capital punishment, debt, giving, racism, poverty, justice, life, death, heaven, hell, God, man, sin, right, wrong, joy, peace, love, hope.  The word of God is always relevant.

Join Women’s Sunday School as we address questions and controversies as believers in our world today! All ages are welcome to join us at 9:45 each Sunday morning.

Contact:  Christine Neitzel, Karen Brown, Ruthie Mills

Location:  Fellowship Hall