Prayer Page

Prayer Page

Immanuel Baptist Church Family Prayer Sheet

April 10, 2024

Thursday–April 11th

  1. Michelle Fox–colon reversal surgery PTL–healing-appt with surgeon 4/10
  2. Terri Maines–Stage 3 ovarian cancer–prayer for strength and wisdom- 1 yr chemo
  3. Donyale Warner-cancer-needs kidney transplant
  4. Misty Weiss (MS police) surgery to repair torn tendons in forearm--healing
  5. Brenda Beck (college friend of Jackie DaSilva) lung cancer–surgery to remove tumor on spine 4/2
  6. Renee Gueli–struggling with high blood pressure and no answers–prayer for Dr. wisdom
  7. Marie Kurpas (Greg’s son in law Parkers grandmom) stroke
  8. Linda Burton–hospital–procedure to drain abscess–catscan 4/10
  9. Cathy Horvath–hernia surgery 4/12
  10. Lena (Laura LaFleur’s granddaughter) premature–lungs not fully developed/tear in lung–Children’s Hospital on ventilator & feeding tube

 Friday—April 12th

  1. Linda Burton–hospital–procedure to drain abscess–catscan 4/10
  2. Frank Ferraro–fractured c5 & c6- spine surgery–healing really well–doing wonderfully
  3. William Hyland (Todd’s father) Stage 4 melanoma–lesions on liver and lung–infusion treatments–not doing well
  4. Charles (Anthony Davolos grandpop) end-stage Parkinson’s and Lewy Body dementia–pray for his wife Ethel who cares for him
  5. Ethan Cobb (friend of AdaMae) 23yrs old–bone cancer in facial bone–upcoming surgery–chemo–radiation
  6. Tom & Erica Hartkorn–recovery from house fire in unit attached to their home
  7. Kristie Chando–intestinal & bladder issues-prayer for relief, answers and wisdom from Drs.–PTL son Colton was at ER-home-doing much better with meds and fluids
  8. Lillie Ford–recovering at home after a recent hospital stay
  9. Zach (Smith’s nephew) cancer in lungs, bones & liver–leg amputated 4/10–prayers for a miracle of healing

 Saturday—April 13th

  1. Elisabeth Kita–inoperable blood clot in brain–prayer that the size of clot remains the same-fibroid cyst on bladder–no lifting–new meds
  2. Mariah (Dot Lowes niece) 34yrs 8yo son–cancer in the lymph nodes and breast cancer
  3. Penny Trost for continued strength and good health as she manages all the business matters at the candy store and caring for family
  4. Randy Oakford (Penny Trost’s sister) pancreatic cancer–weekly chemo schedule–many side effects including nausea making it difficult to eat–tired, thin, & weak from treatment
  5. Joy Massimilla–GI problems and stomach pain when eating-rheumatologist–prescribed steroids–answers
  6. Regina Anderson–broken humerous–home–rehab at home
  7. Lindsay Mills (Ruthie’s granddaughter) unborn baby–will need heart surgery when born
  8. Bobby Fox–shoulder healed–PTL–driving and back to normal activities

Monday—April 15th

  1. Julie Massimilla Sodergren as she returns to work after maternity leave
  2. Benjamin (6 yr. son of coworker of Bill Fahber’s) genetic disease–brain tumor—currently stable–favorable MRI
  3. Christine Fernandes-infusions for auto immune disease–lupus flare up–insurance issues
  4. Marge McGowen–33yr old grandson recently diagnosed with MS
  5. Kristy 40yrs old (niece of Patrizi’s) daughter of missionaries Ron & Charlotte Bystrom–seizures–mass on brain
  6. Christian Proulx–auto accident–burns, kidney problems, skin grafts
  7. Mike Mignogna–severe pain–large disc herniation in thoracic spine-2 day surgery
  8. David (Alma’s nephew) cervical disc compression–out of work–treatment gave a little relief–can not lift arms or drive comfortably
  9. Mike McClure 25 yrs–heart issues–meds and wearing a monitor–results from monitoring due 4/24
  10. Lois MacQuarrie–prayer for upcoming move

 Tuesday—April 16th

  1. Weekly English Classes at IBC~6:30-8:30 pm–as we reach out to the non English speaking community and shine Jesus
  2. That God would bring revival to this community and this nation
  3. Nation of Israel
  4. Ukraine/Russian war
  5. Christians in Muslim & Hindu areas
  6. The Nation–unity in government & country—decisions—President Biden & government officials would seek the Lord’s direction
  7. Pastor Vince, Pastor Greg, Deacon Board & Deaconess Board—God’s direction
  8. Those serving in the military—Jake Coneby—Pfc. Ray Gregory, Chris (Barben) Cassidy, Linnea Pugh, Erin Clunie, Brandon Rice Jr., Bill LaFleur’s niece & son Matthew, Joe Earlen (Kristie Chando son) upcoming deployment
  9. Youth Group kids and leadership team as the youth group grows–Youth Sunday School–prayer that the hearts of teens would be reached with the gospel truth thru teaching and activities
  10. Ministries: Men’s & Women’s bible studies, men’s & women’s breakfast fellowship
  11. DiscoverKids and children’s ministries

Wednesday–April 17th

  • General Health problems—Frank Caroll (Maria Ginion’s dad), Richard Ungerbueler, Carole Fox, Gussie Summers, Lillie Ford, Penny Groh (long term care), Peggy Hess, Terry & Diane Coneby, , Paul Ferrell Jr, Merrie Gabriel, Traci Hollendan , Rev. Bobby Fox, Dave Betts & Chris Entwistle (parkinson’s), Rich Patrizi
  • Folks dealing with cancer—Genovere Corbit, Nancy Siegel, Bill Salerno, Bernadette Dunn, Tyler Greenfield (5yrs old) leukemia, Debbie Karwoski, Leslie (Friend of Frank B), Anthony Mannello–Neuroendocrine cancer, Keri Rehm, Shirley Oorlog Childs, Diane (Tom Hartkorn’s mom), Darla Durr, Paige Sullivan, Harry (Linda Burton’s brother), Faith Paul (skin cancer), Linnea Pugh twin sister, Rob (friend of Marie Henry), Donyale Warner
  • Shut-Ins—Peggy Hess, Teresa Horvath, Carol Geist, Ruth Rudd, Vinnie Kirby, Frannie Thompson, Lois Ziegler
  • Pain Management—Donna Weidmoyer, Laura LaFleur, Bob Cook, Lonnie Clayton, Marlene Yohnnson, Joanne Fahber, Gale Pinardo(sciatica)
  • Salvation—Ginny, Steve D, Matt L, Sam, Jim B, Stacey R, Charlene, David & Dina, Stephanie F, Frank C, Dennis, Steven, Leslie, George, Dale
  • UnSpoken Prayer Requests—Gussie, Annabelle, Cindy, Bill & Joanne

Pray For Our Missionaries

ABBA Pregnancy Crisis Center—Lowell & Dixie Patterson, Directors—Palmyra, NJ
John & Dasia Abramovich—Missionaries to Youth  & Young Adults—BCM Poland
America’s Keswick/Colony of Mercy—Addiction Rehabilitation—Whiting, NJ
Jim & Mary Beerley–Crossworld–Canada
Tom & Sandy Brown—Wycliffe Bible Translators—Lancaster PA/Oaxaca, Mexico
Corey & Diana Burba—Romanian Orphan Ministries—Oradea, Romania
Paul & Cindy Butler—Elim Fellowship—Mali, Northwestern Africa
Ron & Charlotte Bystrom—CRU—Orlando, Florida
Rev. Gary & Terri Camlin—Biblical Education Training, teaching remotely—EFCM Portugal
Camp Haluwasa—Bill Ellwanger, Director—Christian Camp & Outdoor Center—Hammonton, NJ
Craig & Cassandra Fisher—Children: Nate, Tommy, & Seth— church planting & camp ministry—ABWE Nicaragua
Friends of Alcoholics—Rev. Mike & Jane Bonner, Aaron & Brittney Bonner—Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation—Pocahontas, MS
Scott & Susie Hampton—Children: Kieran, Kyle, Kaedon—directors at AIM Retired Missionaries Complex in Florida
Epiphany Fellowship of Camden–Joe & Kristy Marlin–Children: Aiden, Owen, Sophia, Conor, Camila
Jonathan & Becky—Children: Elizabeth, William—People International
Options for Her—329 Marlton Pike West, Cherry Hill, NJ  08002
Dr. Gordon (Chip) & Laurie Phillips—Children: Caleb, Reed, Alison, Susanna, Julie—ABWE Brazil
The Saints Prison Ministry—Moorestown, NJ
Keeley Samson—Back in NJ–home–Missionary In Residence
Sunday B—Jeremy Montgomery, Director—Ministering to the homeless, alcoholic, & drug addicted—Philadelphia, PA
Union Mission Ministries—Charleston, West Virginia